Retail Spending Trend United States

Retail spending in the United States continues to increase, 1992-2017

Eric Garland DataLab

Courtesy of Calculated Risk, fine purveyors of macroeconomic data charts, we have the 25 year trend for retail spending in the United States. Retail is shifting in myriad other ways other than total spending, but the quarter-century trend is an incremental, constant increase. Not pictured: the bifurcation of “Dollar Stores” and luxury “experience” retail, consolidation of big box “category killers,” …

US housing starts 2017

New housing starts in the United States, 2008-2017

Eric Garland DataLab

Further to the trends in high confidence by homebuilders, check out these trends in single- and multiple-unit housing starts. There’s no question – the US housing sector is at pre-2008-crisis levels¬†in terms of new housing starts. The questions we have are about whether the fundamentals that blew up the housing market in 2008 have been repeated. We know that US …

coal mining jobs

Comparison of coal mining to national parks jobs

Eric Garland DataLab

US president Donald Trump has talked at length about restoring US coal mining jobs despite the failure of the industry as a whole due to the transition to renewables. On the chopping block? Funding for the national parks service. Hat tip to journalist Matt Yglesias for dipping into the St. Louis Federal Reserve’s FRED database to compare trends in coal …