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A Competitive Intelligence consulting firm, Competitive Futures provides forecasting and trend analysis to the world’s most successful leaders.

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Our global DataLab compiles, researches, and then analyzes, trends in your industry, including your organization.

Competitive Futures then shows you where and when to adjust your strategy to minimize risk and maximize success.

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With a little guidance on your goals, Competitive Futures will get started on a tailored Statement of Work presentation for your company or organization.


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Competitive Futures has been trusted to provide strategic insight and solutions to some of the world’s most important companies and governments.

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On-Demand Competitive Intelligence

We want every business and government, no matter how big or small, to realize the powerful advantage of competitive intelligence and strategic analysis by passionate professionals. Not every organization has a six-figure budget, but we can get you started in the right direction.

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What if you knew the three most important trends facing your organization?

The future of your business might depend on it.

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The Competitive Futures Advantage

  • Global Network of Experts- multilingual, from a cross-section of industries.
  • Intellectual Integrity – An outside, honest outlook based on data and analysis.
  • Multi-Generational Analysis – (FDV) Full Demographic View
  • Personal Attention: We only accept a select number of clients yearly.