How Brexit shook up Euro currencies – or didn’t

Eric Garland DataLab

With even the brains behind Brexit describe the current state of the project as a complete mess, it’s a good time to look at how currency markets have reacted to British and *ahem* European currencies.British Pound (GBP) vs. US Dollar (USD)It’s pretty clear that the Brexit vote definitively changed the relationship between the Pound Sterling and the US Dollar.The dollar …

political forecast

Democratic Rupture in the 21st Century

Eric Garland Video

The Canadian futurist Michel Cartier together with his colleague Jon Husband predicted the current moment of democratic crisis back in the 90s. Seven years ago, they made a short film explaining that we were reaching a crisis point – or more positively, a chance to reorganize on more holistic and beneficial principles. Now is a good time to review their …

Brave new world of vocal post-editing has implications for propaganda

Eric Garland DataLab

This video from Adobe¬†introducing its vocal post-editing software allows creators not only the ability to change the order of words in a voiceover – but also to create new words in the voice of the speaker. This video dropped four days before the United States’ 2016 election, which the U.S. intelligence community and its allies assess to have been affected …

Russia electoral interference Geert Wilders

Anatomy of Russian electoral interference in the Netherlands

Eric Garland DataLab

These two social network analysis charts of Geert Wilder’s support online shows how Russian electoral interference has worked in the elections of several NATO allies. Unlike more organic online activity, candidates supported by Kremlin operatives have nodes tightly connected to non-local accounts, usually Russian or Eastern European. As you can see in the chart below, this also ties directly to …