unemployed men 19-30 trend

Unemployed men without college at record levels in the United States

Eric Garland DataLab

This trend in unemployed men between the age of 19 and 30 is a critical sign of change. Social and economic trends all over are being driven by this shift.

Job growth in the United States has been very strong since the Great Recession. Still, this must be seen as a transformation more than simply a linear recovery. Despite record creation of jobs, the number of unemployed men without college degrees is over triple what it was in 1977. That was the bottom of a very ugly economic and social situation where inflation was rampant, interest rates made homeownership difficult, and energy disruption hampered all parts of American life.

Jobless rates under US presidents from Carter to Obama

Jobless rates under US presidents from Carter to Obama

Despite rising financial indicators, the rate of unemployed men is 22%, over triple. Much of this is due to the elimination of manufacturing jobs on American soil.

What happens if this trend is extrapolated out even further? We may have an explanation for the swing in extreme politics.