political forecast

Democratic Rupture in the 21st Century

Eric Garland Video

The Canadian futurist Michel Cartier together with his colleague Jon Husband predicted the current moment of democratic crisis back in the 90s. Seven years ago, they made a short film explaining that we were reaching a crisis point – or more positively, a chance to reorganize on more holistic and beneficial principles. Now is a good time to review their …

poll on legal marijuana

Americans views on legalized marijuana, 1969-2016

Eric Garland DataLab

Much like views on divorce, birth control, and so-called “inter-racial” marriage, when you stretch the polling data on marijuana usage back into the 20th century, the social shift is remarkable. Through this entire timeframe has been a controversial “Drug War” that has imprisoned or penalized thousands to millions of people, much of it based on the notion of marijuana as a “gateway …