digital advertising spend

Global Digital Advertising Spend 2017

Eric Garland DataLab

As we see the effect Russian intelligence had on the 2016 election by coopting Google, Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms, it’s clear that digital advertising and media in general has taken primacy in terms of influence over global affairs. This chart shows how Google and Facebook essentially are the Internet, as evinced by the money spent to affect its message …

west texas intermediate crude price chart

West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil price, 2012-2017

Eric Garland DataLab

Tracking West Texas Intermediate crude (WTI) price is an essential element of understanding the global economy. As the world watches in mute horror at the interaction between the Russian Federation and the West, the price of oil is even more important in understanding the behavior of an economy based mainly on fossil fuels. Also, consider that in 2014, the United …

Russia electoral interference Geert Wilders

Anatomy of Russian electoral interference in the Netherlands

Eric Garland DataLab

These two social network analysis charts of Geert Wilder’s support online shows how Russian electoral interference has worked in the elections of several NATO allies. Unlike more organic online activity, candidates supported by Kremlin operatives have nodes tightly connected to non-local accounts, usually Russian or Eastern European. As you can see in the chart below, this also ties directly to …