Case-Shiller price index

Case-Shiller price index headed for 2008 levels

Eric Garland DataLab

This firm held the Case-Shiller price index up as a trend that absolutely should have warned executives of a major event over the horizon. The historic inflammation of asset prices looked to us to be the symptom of something heavy on the horizon, not necessarily the high score on a video game. With irrational exuberance all over the housing markets …

high yield bonds

Secondary markets lose faith in junk bonds

Eric Garland DataLab

Since the crash of 2008, markets have reset and reorganized, leading to historic highs for equities. We have also seen the return of the philosophy of “risk as yield” instead of “risk as risk.” Nowhere is this more evident than the surging taste for junk bonds in the last seven years. Businesses teetering on the brink of bankruptcy have found …