ruble dollar

Russian ruble plunges versus US dollar

Eric Garland DataLab

We’re tracking the immediate impact of the biting sanctions of the United States targeting the oligarchs of the Russian Federation as individuals. Some of the most powerful people in Russia – Viktor Vekelsberg, Oleg Deripaska, and others – have been directly sanctioned. This is extremely important as the Russian Federation has used its oligarchs as a de facto tool of …

mortgage debt trends

US households are deleveraging mortgage debt

Eric Garland DataLab

This chart from Deutsche Bank Research shows that since the financial crisis of 2008 and beyond, US households have been deleveraging their mortgage debt. This is a major reversal, and the chart shows this is the first major trend in this direction since the post-World-War-II era. US consumer credit continues to leverage up slightly. These trends combined may explain recent …

Mortgage origination trend

Mortgage origination trends increasing, heading for pre-crash territory

Eric Garland DataLab

First-lien mortgage origination trends seem to indicate that consumer sentiment is increasing. This last quarter marked the strongest gains in the sector seen since 2013, and lacking a secular weakness in the sector – a recession – trends seem to indicate that housing may get as hot as it was in the last decade. Competitive Futures predicted the last financial¬†crisis …

Private equity trends in the U.S. 1985-2015

Eric Garland DataLab

Private equity has become a major part of how companies are financed. In sectors ranging from retail to biotech, private equity firms remove the quarterly obligations of being listen on a public stock exchange. Management styles are often aggressive leading either to rapid expansion within that company’s industry, or unmanageable debt structures. (See Guitar Center or Sports Authority for examples.) …