Public sector government jobs Obama

Public sector payroll jobs under Obama

Eric Garland DataLab

Further to our data sets looking at U.S. macroeconomic performance in the past two presidential administrations, here is a chart showing public (not private) sector payroll jobs under several presidential administrations. What is so striking is the fact that only Obama has reduced the number of payroll jobs at the Federal government, with Reagan, Clinton, and Bush 43 expanding the …

St. Louis startup

St. Louis startup scene is America’s hottest

Eric Garland DataLab

The data journalists at FiveThirtyEight show that the St. Louis startup scene – alongside three other cities in Missouri – is actually the hottest in America right now, bucking the long slide of business startups since 1970. Why is St. Louis such a fertile field for new business? Real estate costs for workers and businesses is 25% less than the …