China Urban population trend

Trend in Urbanization in China, 2006-2016

Eric Garland DataLab

With almost 800 million inhabitants living in cities, urbanization in China has been one of the most important trends in the last half century. As tensions with the West increase due to its intelligence operations, particularly in Australia and the United States, economic stability will be critical to maintaining security in those densely populated areas. Urban areas require more industrial …

Income Inequality is Becoming an American Tradition

Eric Garland DataLab, Intelligence Report

Competitive Futures is studying how to understand the underlying factors of income inequality, and more importantly, what businesses can do to reverse the trend. These numbers represent customers after all. The lowest-earners also increased their spending by the most, boosting their expenditures by 2.9 percent, to $22,981 on average. The bulk of those outlays (41 percent) went to housing.