Iranian rial

Iranian rial collapsing amid geopolitical tensions with the US

Eric Garland DataLab

The Iranian rial is in dire straits as NATO force moves to clash with Iran’s proxy state, Syria. As Russia is also behind the rogue Syrian regime – and considering Russia’s support for the Iranian Islamic Republic – this macroeconomic shock is inevitable and likely to worsen. Consider also the skyrocketing inflation in Iran. We expect significant geopolitical shift of …

How Brexit shook up Euro currencies – or didn’t

Eric Garland DataLab

With even the brains behind Brexit describe the current state of the project as a complete mess, it’s a good time to look at how currency markets have reacted to British and *ahem* European currencies.British Pound (GBP) vs. US Dollar (USD)It’s pretty clear that the Brexit vote definitively changed the relationship between the Pound Sterling and the US Dollar.The dollar …