Apple iPhone sales trend

Apple iPhone sales just caught up with Windows PC

Eric Garland DataLab

Apple has such a magnetic brand presence, it is easy to assume that Windows-based tech is dead and gone – if you only pay attention to flashy presentations. But the death of the PC has been dramatically overstated, as you can see from the trend lines in sheer numbers. That said, we’re in new territory here, where the sales of …

CapEx Apple 2016

Capital expenditures at Apple go through the roof

Eric Garland DataLab

This chart of capital expenditures at Apple, courtesy of Asymco, shows that something major is up. Look at the sheer level of investment in machinery, equipment, manufacturing tools, and internal use software. While it isn’t clear exactly what Apple intends to do, obviously the company is building infrastructure that will allow it to expand. Where do you think this expansion …