How to Predict the Future…and WIN!

$ 9.99

How to Predict the Future…and WIN! is a book about futurists and futures studies that shows how to improve foresight.


How to Predict the Future and Win is a satire of the relationship between futurists and executives, a daring book about business strategy that shows us what is wrong with the way organizations plan their futures – and how to get to real foresight.

The narrator in this intellectual journey is the fictional P. Hughes Egon, the world’s “premier futurological predictologist” who represents the proliferation of famous authority figures whose insights actually have nothing to do with the future, but with maintaining the illusion of wisdom. The book exposes Egon’s twenty-five “tips” on foresight, such as:

  1. Listen to major media exclusively
  2. Put internal politics above external data
  3. Underestimate new competition and fringe players
  4. Plan based on a single scenario
  5. Let fake numbers trump real insights

Don’t worry, it all has a happy ending, because for every hilariously annoying mistake we make when looking at what’s next, there are positive values to embrace and techniques that actually work in today’s organizations. The book explores how to do the opposite of what Dr. Egon recommends, providing the reader with a blueprint on how not only to look at the future, but to increase the chances that their foresight actually helps the organization. Then, as the title suggests, we all win.