Future Inc., How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What’s NEXT (download)

$ 9.99

A book about how to add futures studies, trend analysis, and scenarios to your business strategy.


This book tells the reader exactly how to execute a professional-level study of future trends, based on the techniques pioneered by the RAND Corporation, the U.S. Department of Defense, the Shell scenarios group, and others. Whereas many books on foresight get lost quickly in MBA-type jargon, or proceed immediately to extreme visions of what could be next for society, Future, Inc shows how simple and elegant a study of the future really should be. In it, you’ll learn systems thinking, trend research, forecast assessment from experts, strategic implications, scenario building, and communications.

Future, Inc. condenses the techniques of future intelligence down to six steps:

Future Inc business strategy

The book uses the future of beer as the case study to guide you through each step so you can start thinking about how to thrive in a world of chaotic transformation. (Moreover, the forecasts and scenarios about the future of beer have proved surprisingly prescient in the intervening years.)

Since its publication in 2007, the book has met with worldwide success, serving as a guide for professional foresight in corporate intelligence departments, MBA programs, and government agencies around the world. Its impact has translated around the globe, with editions printed in Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Persian, as well as special English language editions for India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.