Course in Strategic Analysis

New course in strategic analysis – How to Avoid Strategic Mind Traps

Eric Garland DataLab

Competitive Futures is excited to announce the availability of a new training course entitled “How to Avoid Strategic Mind Traps.”

Managing Director Eric Garland will be giving this course at the International Competitive Intelligence conference in Bad-Neuheim, Germany on April 22, 2016 for experienced executives looking to deepen their understanding of how to use strategic analysis in real settings with real, always imperfect human beings. Based on the behavioral economics work of Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman in 1972, this course will explore the effect of cognitive bias on decision making, with phenomena such as:

Social Biases – How our nature as organized primates subtracts from our ability to perceive the future correctly.

Memory Biases – Why our memory is far from linear and reliable and why this repeatedly mangles our understanding of the present (“how we got here”) much less the future (“where we’re going”).

Decision Biases – How decisions get distorted in large organizations full of individuals with their own personal interests.

Probability Biases – How our flawed perception of risk causes major havoc.

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