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    Eric Garland - Executive Educator - Trainer

    Eric Garland

    For over fifteen years Eric Garland has been guiding executive leaders at some of the world’s most influential organizations as a business trends keynote speaker, and by providing educational sessions identifying future trends that will impact their strategies. Customized sessions are available for any size of organization.

    J. Rich


    “We are committed to developing our future leaders. When we wanted to study scenarios, we went to the guy who literally wrote the book.”

    P. Rogers


    “Mr. Garland exceeded our expectations with an excellent session, and was gracious to stay an additional day of training.”

    L. du Laurier

    Ministry of the Treasury

    “We based our foresight unit on the concepts from Eric Garland’s Future Inc., and hired Competitive Futures to make sure we did it right.”

    Sample Executive Courses


    Designed to introduce executives and intelligence practitioners to the basics of foresight so they can work confidently and competently with forecasts and scenarios in their duties of strategic planning.

    Why look ahead? Practical philosophical challenges of the modern organization
    History of foresight: the French School
    History of foresight: the American School
    Systems thinking and interconnections
    Trends and the STEEP framework
    Forecasts from futurists and subject matter experts
    Scenarios and alternative futures

    Designed to give executives and intelligence practitioners a working understanding of how to execute foresight projects. This day-long course mixes theoretically principles with practical applications

    A brief history of organizational foresight
    Systems mapping
    Trend research and analytical tools
    Forecast assessment
    Implications analysis
    Scenario construction, quantitative and qualitative
    Communications to executive teams

    This course is the perfect launch pad for organizations putting together a new foresight unit
    Day one is similar to the Future Intelligence course
    Day two is an advanced course on cognitive bias and political realities of exploring the future

    We work with you to customize the perfect course for your organization

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    “Intro to Future Intelligence” is an introduction to the methodologies and techniques Competitive Futures has used to train 100s of executives globally.