How Brexit shook up Euro currencies – or didn’t

Eric Garland DataLab

With even the brains behind Brexit describe the current state of the project as a complete mess, it’s a good time to look at how currency markets have reacted to British and *ahem* European currencies.British Pound (GBP) vs. US Dollar (USD)It’s pretty clear that the Brexit vote definitively changed the relationship between the Pound Sterling and the US Dollar.The dollar …

Facebook monthly active users

Monthly active users at Facebook

Eric Garland DataLab

Facebook, now implicated in the Russian interference in the 2016 US elections (as well as those of France, the Netherlands, Germany, and others) has achieved such massive power by accruing a base of monthly active users that is the plurality of the human race. Of all grandiose statements, this is not an exaggeration in statistical or metaphorical terms. The tech …

rising temperatures

IMF map shows that rising temperatures will affect most vulnerable

Eric Garland DataLab

When this firm was producing strategic scenarios on climate change ten years ago, we knew that the Pentagon saw rising temperatures as a recipe for geopolitical insecurity. They knew that the ecological disasters would likely affect populations already beset by famine and weak institutions, and that humanitarian missions would be increasingly required. Ten years later, the IMF is sounding the …

digital advertising spend

Global Digital Advertising Spend 2017

Eric Garland DataLab

As we see the effect Russian intelligence had on the 2016 election by coopting Google, Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms, it’s clear that digital advertising and media in general has taken primacy in terms of influence over global affairs. This chart shows how Google and Facebook essentially are the Internet, as evinced by the money spent to affect its message …