Income Inequality is Becoming an American Tradition

Eric Garland DataLab, Intelligence Report

Competitive Futures is studying how to understand the underlying factors of income inequality, and more importantly, what businesses can do to reverse the trend. These numbers represent customers after all. The lowest-earners also increased their spending by the most, boosting their expenditures by 2.9 percent, to $22,981 on average. The bulk of those outlays (41 percent) went to housing.

Retail Trends: Digital Payments and PayPal Growth

Eric Garland DataLab

Competitive Futures is doing significant research into the future of retail, one of the sectors featuring the most significant change of any industry. It is not exaggerating to say that retail is changing the most since the revolution of mass production. While there are many factors in this shift, check out this single trend line in e-commerce and digital payments: …

ACA trend data

Fewer Americans uninsured after the Affordable Care Act

compfutdev DataLab

The private healthcare system of the United States represents nearly one-fifth of the largest economy in history. From a factual perspective, it is twice as costly as its nearest peer (Switzerland) and achieves the same health outcomes as former Soviet nations. One of its major problems is the sheer number of people left uninsured because their work (or lack thereof) …