Competitive Futures - America in Transition - Leadership Strategy Workshop

America in Transition Strategy Workshop

“America in Transition” – Leadership Strategy Workshop

Competitive Futures - America in Transition - Leadership Strategy Workshop

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As America enters a new era of leadership, one scenario is certain: change.
Monumental shifts in policies – from immigration and infrastructure, to trade, regulations, and public health – will affect businesses and local governments in ways that are hard to forecast.

But not impossible.

Leadership Strategy

Organizations must assess and make plans for multiple outcomes in a time of great transition and uncertainty.

Organizations become stronger merely by preparing with scenario planning, evaluating potential weaknesses, and making sound decisions to guard growth for the future.


Led by its Executive Director, Eric Garland, Competitive Futures provides guidance and assists Fortune 500 companies and governments through transitions, both economical and political.

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Eric Garland - Executive Director Competitive Futures

Eric Garland – Executive Director – Competitive Futures

In this 90 minute presentation and Q&A, Mr. Garland shares his expertise in scenario planning and foresight to help the leaders of your organization make better future decisions, and plan for positive outcomes on these key topics:


Regulation: How changes in U.S. policy will affect your business/market/city, and what you can do to prepare.

Culture: Preparing for issues of social change in the workplace, or as a municipality. Racism, xenophobia, threat assessment, emergency planning

Economic Trends: Purchasing, energy prices, imports, taxation, trade policy, How these changes can be understood with scenario planning and strategic assessment.

Global Change: Evaluating how America’s changing relationship with the world may affect your organization, and where to find opportunities in chaos.


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Time : 90 minutes – 4 hours
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